Together We Are Maine

The Strategic Plan is a 10-year economic development strategy released in 2019 to harness Maine’s natural strengths and address its future challenges. As we work to implement the plan, everyday individuals and organizations across the state are working towards its vision of growing talent and innovation in Maine. This site will be used to track our collective progress and find stories of Mainers doing what we do best.

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Stories from Mainers

Read and watch to learn about the different projects and communities that are improving the quality of life and economic outlook for Mainers.

One 10-Year Vision: A Diverse & Sustainable Economy for Maine;
A Great Quality of Life and Good Jobs for All Mainers

Two Pillars

The Vision is built upon the nurturing of Talent and support of Innovation



Three Goals

Maine must grow its talented, resilient cadre of workers to meet the challenges of an aging workforce. We must invite and welcome new people to become part of Maine. We must ensure a livable wage and meaningful, productive work for all who are able.

A year into the plan, progress can be tracked using data from the U.S. Census and the Bureaus of Labor Statistics and Economic Analysis. 


Goal 1: Grow Wages by 10%


Goal 2: Increase Productivity by 10%


Goal 3: Grow Workforce by 75,000

Call to Action

These goals are achievable - but it will take all of us. 

Thank You!

Together we are Maine.

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